Larry Madowo Quarantined In The US After COVID-19 Scare

BBC North Amerca Correspondent Larry Madowo has been quarantined in the US following a COVID-19 scare in his crew.

Larry Madowo, addressing his followers on social media, admitted that this is the first time he has been quarantined since he started travelling across America.

“I’m in quarantine for the first time since I started traveling across America to report the news. Someone on my crew in New York last week tested positive after a shoot. I’ve tested negative but I’m staying home for 7 days just to be sure,” he said.

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He added that he is staying home for a whole week in accordance with The Centre of Disease Control’s guidance, despite having no symptoms.

“I feel fine and have no symptoms but I’m staying home to follow CDC guidelines in case my result was a false negative. This is the cost of reporting in a pandemic but I take these risks willingly. I’ve got some shows to catch up on anyway,” he wrote.

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