Larry Madowo King Of Half Suit And Shorts On TV

Renowned journalist Larry Madowo is the epitome of success in journalism, recently getting a promotion at CNN as an international correspondent.

Larry Madowo’s top tier Humour

Clearly, the 34-year-old is super talented and hardworking. However, he has a fun side, often employing his sense of humour while reporting.

A Twitter user fully captures this sentiment, writing; “Whenever Larry Madowo looks back, just wait for some comedy, you kill it.”

You will get a taste of his humour, from his reporting on Kenya’s first-ever effort to count all animals to many others. At the end of his report, he mostly jokes; “Becky I had asked some elephant friends to make a Cameo, but I think they missed their cue, so I am sorry I don’t have anything to show you.” His colleague Becky laughs it off.

King of half suit and shorts on TV

Once in a While, Larry will jump on TV with his famous half suit and shorts swag.

This week he posted, “When you jump out of the pool to go on TV real quick”

Adding; “I guess you can say I come from the water to the air.”

This is not the first time Larry is donning the half-suit and shorts on TV.

In 2020, during the lockdown in Newyork, while reporting for BBC, Larry posted; “When you are going live on TV from home but might hit the pool after.”

And back when Larry worked at NTV Kenya, while on an assignment in Mombasa, he wore what looked like a normal suit, only to, later on, share a picture that showed the reality of his outfit, Half-suit and shorts.