Larry Madowo Encourages Fans To Follow Their Dreams With His Come-up Revelation

Renown journalist Larry Madowo is at the height of his career but has come out to reveal it wasn’t as rosy growing up.

Larry who gained popularity for hosting ‘The Trend’ show in Kenya has gone on to grace some of the biggest newsrooms in the world.


He now works as a BBC correspondent and in turn, is rubbing shoulders with the who is who in the world.

“A year after I took a career break, I’m back to reporting. I’m doing a new thing as a US correspondent covering this pivotal moment in America for BBC News(TV) and BBC World Service (radio) My first story, from inside a COVID-19 ICU, airs today across the BBC,” Larry announced in July, after a year from BBC as its Business Africa Editor.

Larry Madowo Salary At The BBC - whownskenya

Taking to his Facebook page, the BBC news anchor revealed that his family did not own a television growing up and encouraged fans never to give up on their dreams.

“From Siaya to the world! We didn’t have a TV when I was growing up and now I anchor newscasts on BBC World News that are watched in every corner of the planet. Don’t say dreams don’t come true,” he wrote.

This he shared alongside a video of him anchoring the BBC News. Check it out below:


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