Larry Madowo Call It Quits On The Trend!

The name Larry Madowo has been synonymous with the famed Friday night TV Show – The Trend. Over the last 4 years. He created the magazine show to highlight the events of the week with a light touch from politics to business and high profile individual interviews.

This past weekend, Larry went on camera to give a heads up that he is done with the show and yarns to move on and create something else. Sighting some of the reasons he called it quits, Larry said that he did the show for over 4 years and its popularity led to other stations jacking his concept and replicating it on other channels.

True to his word, K24 has a show titled Talk Central with the same concept of artist interviews; comic hot takes on issues and seeks relevance on social media. Citizen TV got 10/10 applied the same dynamic although they injected a live crowd to the set but airs the show the same time as The Trend. Other Tv stations have sprinkled that idea into their programming making a big mess of replication.

All credits to Larry, he did set his mark, he got the most love and hate at the same time online. The show has soaring number of viewers, trending on Social Media every Friday and has the highest impact in terms of after-show discussion and You Tune hits. Our creatives would not let one man enjoy all that glory without biting into his style.

He hands over the mantle to his peers who he has mentored like Ciru Muriuki, Cindy Ogana and Eddie Butita but that might change in the future.

Commenting on his planned exit, he had this to say “Right now I just wanted to say Thank You, it’s been the greatest ride of my life, I used to be a business reporter for 5 years at CNBC Africa, I came back home to do the news, the Trend was not part of the deal, for 4.5year the Trend has meant so much to me, and to some of you, so I appreciate the love on social media, its good to get some love.”

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.