KWAL Looks to Capture Spirit of Kenya with New Wine

The drinks market in Kenya is one that has emerged to become supremely competitive, but the Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) believes that it is ready to compete.

It has just introduced its new Kingfisher variant – the Apple fruit wine – just a few weeks since the 34 year old brand introduced its Strawberry variant.

The brand says that the development of the new flavour is as a result of the need to tap into constantly evolving consumer demands for quality and unique taste and options.

Industry stakeholders in media and entertainment mingled with brand owners and staff at a cocktail held at the Serena Hotel. A way of introducing the fun back into what is generally a pretty cut throat business. Hosted by Patricia Kihoro, the event was busy, light hearted and full of laughter – the exact image that the brand is hoping to impart with its new drink.


Distributors toast to the new Apple variant

And developing an alcoholic variant seems like a pretty good time all round. The brand’s Commercial Director, Lina Githu said that the entire process was as a result of extensive market research that ultimately highlighted the demands of today’s Ready to Drink consumers.

The Ready to Drink market has witnessed a massive surge in players and options – especially women in their 20s and 30s – exactly the market that KWAL is looking to target and conquer. Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Are you looking for something that represents your vision? Do you enjoy social events and meeting new people? Packaging as well as the affordability of its pricing means that an aggressive marketing campaign will almost certainly take place across all channels over the course of the next few weeks and months.


KWAL MD Carlos Gomez strikes a pose with senior managers from the brand warehouse. 

Kingfisher believes that her lady is outgoing, classy and confident with huge aspirations about what she wants from her life. Whether that revolves around her career, her friends and social circles or just the spirit to succeed, that she believes that she has.

Could this be you?
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