#KVReviews: Our Favourite Food Spots Of 2017

It’s been a great year for food in Nairobi over the past twelve months. The continued growth of the sector with regards to the sheer number of restaurants and bars through the increase in malls and office blocks, the entrants and expansion of internationally known chains such as Burger King and KFC, as well as a heightened pallatte.

Food is big business, but it’s not always the big boys that win the day. Often, the continued success of an eatery is simply the way the food is cooked.

There have been a number of conversations on social media over the past few weeks about restaurants that need to step up their game, and those that are worth that extra shilling spent on a three-courser.

Top for Steak?

Graze at the Sankara and Forty Five Kitchen have their fans, but Sierra Bar and Grill at the Yaya Center has managed to balance itself perfectly between price and quality.

Sierra prides itself on a generous wine list, and the ambience is perfect for either a quick weekday lunch with colleagues or a long and leisurely meal with a date or a few friends. Service could definitely be improved, but it’s almost always one of the first options if you don’t want to be disappointed by a venue choice.

Fun choice for seafood?

Seven Seafood and Grill at ABC Place (Westlands) is another great choice for a fun night out – either with a date or friends.

A full event will set you back a fair bit, but the energy is always up, the tables are always full (a pretty good indicator that the food is good) and their constantly evolving menu will have something for even those who don’t want prawns or lobster.

Always ensure you reserve a table and always ensure you are on time. If not, you will have to wait some time – particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.

Looking for an engaging food experience?

Yes, there is tapanyaki or a version of Fogo Gaucho to be found in Nairobi, but Pan Asian Yao is a great option for a food adventure. We reviewed it HERE.

A great way to spend a couple of hours with friends at the Hot Pot station where you get to cook your own meats and vegetables in the most delightful broths on offer. But equally as good are the Bento Boxes (go for the Malaysian non vegetarian option if you can – that was my favourite!

All you want is Sunday Brunch? 

My favourite brunch option this past year was by far and away Sankara’s revamped menu (with an all you can drink option. Perfect for a Sunday, no?)

Brunch should feel indulgent and take you away from your norm. The Artisan at Sankara is absolutely bustling and you’ll almost certainly have to book a seat in advance. Their dessert spread might be the best thing about the entire show, so come through with an empty tummy and a full gym workout planned the next day!

There are a few other brunch options that have also received great reviews – including a less pricey option at Brew Bistro in Westlands.

Here’s to discovering more about what Nairobi has to offer over the course of the next 12 months!

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