KV Reviews: Fashion High Tea Still A Big Success 9 Years Later

This past Saturday Nairobi was buzzing with a number of events but the place to be was Zen Garden in Spring Valley for the 9th edition of Fashion High Tea.

KV attended the charitable fashion event and it was certainly a big success this year; even the weather got the memo and played along. Last year’s event saw heavy rains try to get in the way of all the fun.

The restaurant was all decked out with mouth watering food and drinks stations. The lush gardens were set up to give a 360 degrees view of the runway.

Musa Wasike of Mosyke shares his experience:


What were your likes and dislikes?

I did not have many dislikes. I thought this year’s event was even better organized; the decor, the participation of the sponsors and the curation of the shops were all great.

Did the fashion show meet your expectations?

On the runway, I was most impressed by Yvonne Afro Street’s collections and Azu Leather. The male models were just ok but the female models were way better. Lilly Hairline did a good job and so did the Maybelline team who did the makeup.

The installation could have used a bit more work…

Style picks?

The theme for the men seemed to be floral and lots of patterns. There were some brocades too. Less hats this year but Laviera of Laviera Designs hat stood out and so did Fashionable Step Mum. I am still yet to do a proper assessment on what everyone wore but I will let you know once I do.

FHT has managed to maintain regular fans who never miss it as well as a new audience. The same applies with sponsors with Diageo coming on board this year giving the whole experience a unique feel with their reserve brands. Kagwe and Joy Kendi who are Ciroc brand ambassadors were hard to miss and the fashionista assisted in rewarding the best dressed guest. Natalie Tewa and her boyfriend Rnaze who also happen to be influencers for Ciroc won the best dressed couple award.

Recognized for their heritage and craftsmanship, the Diageo World Class portfolio paid perfect homage to the fashion event with their signature cocktails. There were several bartenders at the various stands and it was good to see three women in the team.

It is encouraging to see that the event is still not only relevant but exceeding the expectations of those attending by delivering exactly what they promise to year after year.

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