KRG The Don Reveals Sources Of His Wealth

Kenyan musician KRG The Don has finally discussed in detail and revealed the source of his immense wealth after claiming to be the richest musician in the country.

During an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, the artist claimed to be a billionaire and that his wealth only started in one month and increased significantly in 2014.

“I started life slowly, I found, like this job at SGR, I got my job there. We did that work from 2014 to 2016. I was given a tender to bring sand and pebbles from Makindu to here, and I built all that,” KRG said.

According to the artist, he inherited all the property of his grandmother who died just one month before he was born. In 2014 he secured a tender to supply raw materials to build a new modern railway, SGR from Ukambani to Nairobi.

“Grandma died 30 days before I was born and she had blessed my mother saying that the child that will be born will be the heir of this property, which is me now in my hands,” he added.

Despite not having a lot of success in music he has been spotted driving around in heavy and expensive cars while eating at various prestigious places, thus leaving Kenyans questioning his wealth.

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