KQ Reminds Kenyans Why It’s The Pride Of Africa

Kenya Airways or KQ, as we fondly refer to our national carrier is that high school classmate you knew who had so much potential in Form 1, was hopeless in Form 3 and then turned a whole new leaf in Form 4! 2018 may just be that “new leaf year” for the airline which was recently surrounded by bad publicity and collapsing stories.

January 11, was a long-awaited day, as they finally launched a direct flight from Nairobi to New York. This is news that many international travelers received with much joy, many stating that it was long overdue. Although tickets sales started selling on the launch day, the inaugural flight is scheduled for October 28th this year.

The critics and naysayers who mostly use social media platforms to analyze what’s going on in Kenya this time had many congratulatory messages, memes, and jokes about the comeback!

How cool is this? Look who already has a ticket…

Highlights from the #NBONYCdaily launch.


Highlights from yesterday's #NBONYCdaily launch. Let's hear it for New York!

Posted by Kenya Airways on Friday, January 12, 2018

FUN FACT: Kenya Airways will offer its customers a unique travel experience between two great gateways. It will be the fastest connection from East Africa to New York, with a 15 hours duration eastbound and 14 hours westbound. The ultra-long-haul flight, unique to Kenya Airways network, will require 4 Pilots and 12 Flight attendants as well as 85 tons of fuel each way, making it an exceptional operation.

How would you spend a day in NYC?


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