Konza Hosts Its Inaugural Christmas Carols Concert

The Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) hosted its inaugural Christmas Carols Concert at the Konza Technopolis. The concert was executed in partnership with Music & Theatre Kenya and Spell Cast Media.

The colorful end-of-year concert was attended by KoTDA’s customers, partners, and investors. They were treated to a collection of Christmas carols fused with Afrocentric music by the talented Spell Cast Band. 

In addition, KoTDA partnered with Kenya Railways to treat participants to a unique train ride to and from Konza. The train ferried approximately 200 participants of the Konza Christmas Concert from the Nairobi Railways station to the Konza station and back courtesy of KoTDA. To add a cherry to the train experience, breakfast was served on the train.

The Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) Chief Executive, Eng. John Tanui, noted that they were delighted to collaborate with music geniuses such as Music & Theatre Kenya and Spell Cast Media in hosting their first Konza Christmas carols concert.

“Today was a celebration for us at Konza Technopolis. We invited our partners and investors to celebrate with us the achievements we have attained so far and end the year in style. We are also delighted to play host to Music & Theater Kenya and the Spell Cast Band who have entertained our guests with world-class music.” said Eng. Tanui.

“KoTDA has an ambitious and revolutionary vision to develop a Digital Media City at Konza Technopolis which is envisioned to provide an ecosystem that will promote training, research, and innovation in the digital media and entertainment industries in Kenya and the African region. We, therefore, look forward to working with establishments in the creative and entertainment space to ensure that we involve all artists and creatives in the journey to bringing the Digital Media City to life” he added.

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