Kitenge Fashion Festival Impresses With Brilliant Designs

The 7th edition of the Kitenge Fashion Festival, held in Eldoret, brilliantly merged environmental consciousness with creativity through a sustainability challenge sponsored by Jambojet.

The event highlighted the innovative repurposing of old airline materials, such as headrests, uniforms, and seat covers, into stunning fashion pieces.

The challenge echoed Jambojet’s commitment to nurturing local talent and promoting sustainability within the communities it serves. The partnership with Kitenge Fashion Festival underscores the belief in the power of creativity and sustainability.

Caroline Wairimu of Empress Crafts won first place, taking home the top prize of KSh. 250,000 and a return trip on Jambojet’s inaugural flight to Zanzibar.

Her designs were a remarkable fusion of creativity and sustainability. She transformed old aeroplane headrests and seat covers into stylish uniforms, upcycled suitcases, and bags, demonstrating meticulous craftsmanship and detailed design utilizing all provided materials.

Eileen Chepchumba of Lyn Crafts came in second, receiving KSh. 100,000 and a return ticket to any local destination. Eileen’s designs captivated both the audience and judges with their intricate crochet work. She incorporated recycled materials into crochet bikinis and cover-ups for ladies, as well as sweaters for men.

The second runner-up, Ashley Lugalia, was recognized with an order of items worth up to KSh. 50,000 and Jambojet’s limited-edition merchandise. Her sophisticated designs included upcycled crew uniforms, seat covers, and headrests, which she transformed into full outfits and duffel bags.

The Kitenge Fashion Festival not only celebrated African culture and creativity but also underscored the transformative power of collaboration.

This year’s event ushered in a new era of sustainable fashion, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry.

Additionally, the festival featured workshops and panel discussions on sustainable fashion practices, providing attendees with insights and practical knowledge on how to integrate sustainability into their own work.

This edition of the festival served as a reminder of the potential for fashion to drive positive change, highlighting the crucial role of sustainability in contemporary design and the broader fashion industry.

Images: GalsyFashion

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