Kitale Film Festival Gearing Up For 2nd Edition, Uganda Included

The Kitale Film Week has officially commenced its call for film submissions for the anticipated 2024 edition, slated to run from February 4th to 11th.

Notably, the documentary ‘Between the Rains,’ a delectable blend of food and travel, is set to premiere at Africa Climate Week in Kenya, adding to the festival’s allure.

Over the years, the Kitale Film Week has solidified its position as a cultural and entertainment cornerstone in Trans Nzoia, drawing the attention of both established and emerging filmmakers hailing from Kenya and Uganda.

Operating under the captivating theme ‘Experience Difference!,’ the 2024 Kitale Film Week is poised to maintain its tradition of exploring inventive storytelling through the captivating medium of film.

Festival director Peter Pages Bwire underscored their unwavering dedication to bringing films closer to audiences while nurturing artistic collaboration between Kenya and Uganda. The 2023 edition of the festival received widespread acclaim for its innovative approach, ensuring that films reached audiences who might not have otherwise had the chance to experience the compelling narratives crafted by these talented filmmakers.

In a bid to cultivate future cinematic talents, the festival actively engaged students from local high schools and primary schools through strategic partnerships with Tunga Media Afrika and Docubox. These collaborations facilitated film-based discussions within the Trans Nzoia communities.

Chanelle Kittony, Trans Nzoia County’s executive committee member for gender, youth, sports, culture, and tourism, expressed her optimism regarding the festival’s future. She commended the festival’s impeccable organization and the enthusiastic participation of youth, reflecting the growing embrace of the Kenyan film industry.

For the 2024 edition, the festival organizers have exciting plans to conduct special screenings addressing pivotal topics such as food security, housing, and women’s sports. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit works related to these subjects, aligning with regional and national priorities. Notably, the 2023 event featured the regional premiere of Dylan Habil’s ‘Miezi Kumi (2022),’ igniting conversations surrounding climate justice and environmental conservation.

The festival has also unveiled its distinguished planning committee for 2024, with Peter Pages Bwire continuing in his role as festival director. The team comprises dedicated individuals responsible for competition management, school film programs, special events, audience development, training and workshops, guest experience, screening facilitation, fundraising, and production.

The 2024 Kitale Film Week promises to be a vibrant celebration of cinema, culture, and creative storytelling, bridging the divide between Kenya and Uganda’s vibrant filmmaking communities.

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