King Kaka Shares New TV Series Featuring Star-Studded Cast

Kenyan rapper and successful entrepreneur, King Kaka, has unveiled his latest TV project, marking a significant milestone in his career.

The multifaceted talent, known for his contributions to both music and business through Kaka Empire, has wrapped up production on a new series titled ‘Monkey Business’.

Scheduled to debut on May 17, the series promises an authentic portrayal of everyday life in Kenya, capturing the essence of the country’s experiences.

“(Official Poster) New Series Alert!!! Kaka Empire Films Presents ‘Monkey Business’. Worked on this project with our hearts. This 17th May we premier and Tickets will be available from Tuesday. Aloooooooooo!!! Written and Produced & Directed By King Kaka,” King Kaka wrote.

Produced and directed by King Kaka himself, the project has attracted a stellar cast, including renowned actors such as Prezzo, Azeezah Hashim, Tom Mboya, Scar Mkadinali, and Janet Mbugua.

Amidst anticipation for the premiere, King Kaka has engaged with fans on social media, sharing a promotional flier and inviting their excitement and feedback.

Additionally, the entire team behind the series has expressed their dedication to delivering an exceptional viewing experience, encouraging fans to witness their collective effort on screen.

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