King Kaka Pushes the Envelope With an Exciting Campaign Yet Again

King Kaka and Rémy Martin are at it again with a brand new uplifting and inspiring campaign. 

The premium cognac brand is highlighting people with extraordinary achievements who are surrounded by people who have helped them get to where they are.

The campaign dubbed “Team up for excellence” speaks to the heart of togetherness, an essential quality relevant now more than ever in the current environment.”

The tagline “Behind every individual success is a collective story” – something that the brand believes is true not only to their history but also to those they choose to partner with. Rémy Martin believes strongly in this inspiration as each individual looks for ways in which they can thrive in disruptive times.”

The brand handpicked Kaka for his innovative style and cool yet go-getter demeanor.

“Success is greater when achieved together,” says Kaka, “and there are two special people in my life who’ve not only supported me through every up and down but also shared their own unique talents and positivity, helping me grow into the artist I am right now.”

Kaka’s power team includes his manager Dennis Njenga, who as Kaka explains, “has grown together with him and has been able to shape King Kaka from the beginning. Elevating him to success by building the King Kaka brand, transforming him into an entrepreneur in the music industry.”

The second person mentioned is Femi One who is signed to his record label: “She always keeps me on my toes musically – I learn a lot from her every day and together we are consistently changing the game and trying to make women stand out in the rap game.”

“Rémy Martin’s trust in the power of time and people’s talents has made the brand what it is,” says Alvin Saal, African Marketing Manager for Rémy Martin. “I’m proud to say that we’ve teamed up with King Kaka again as I can only see excellence in our future, thanks to this collaboration.”

#TeamupForExcellence was launched at the historic Chateau de Versailles in France with pomp and flair with two special film directed by Brazilian director Vellas showcasing the  300-year history of Rémy Martin.



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