King Kaka & Pascal Tokodi’s New Collabo Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

Music has an intricate way of creeping up and bringing out our deepest emotions. There is a record out there for every occasion. Be it a wedding, birthday, graduation, match, win, loss, praise or funeral. When artists strategically aim for a specific human emotion, the result is life long.

King Kaka teamed up with Actor and Singer Pascal Tokodi for their album journey and the first single is an emotional rollercoaster. The track title ‘Fly’ digs deep into the emotions of grief as the pair pays tribute to their departed loved ones.

The kicker to the record is the phrase by King Kaka ‘If you accept life then you must accept death’ which leads to a melancholic bridge by Tokodi. The verses explain the process of accepting death and the trauma that it leaves behind. The record mentions producer Sniper, Papa Denis, Julius Ombima, Moran Ombima, Raz, Juma, and all friends wishing them to keep on flying.

The jam not only pays tribute to the lost one but lets us recall the good memories, the promise of seeing each other once again and accepting death when it visits. This record will leave a mark on your heart and it is great to see Kenyan acts crossing such bridges through art.

Check out the single courtesy of Kaka Empire.

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