King Kaka Opens Up About Embracing Work-Life Balance Following A Health Scare

Kenyan rapper King Kaka recently opened up about how a prolonged hospital stay has dramatically altered his outlook on life. After four months in the hospital, he realized that wealth cannot buy health.

Speaking in an interview with Business Daily, King Kaka said that a lot changed following the scare which opened up his mind.

Reflecting on whether it’s possible to have it all, King Kaka emphasized the importance of balance.

“Yes, but balance is key. My health scare – over four months of hospitalization – taught me to value life more, work less, and enjoy time with loved ones,” he said.

King Kaka admitted that he might have been ignoring his health focusing on money something that he paid dearly for.

“I was a crazy workaholic—now, I don’t work on Mondays and Thursdays. I was a slave to money but I realized it is never enough. Now I hang out, go on road trips, and travel. This year, I am taking two vacations; one in Rwanda and the other in the US. When I was hospitalized, I realized that no matter how much money you have, it is nothing. I could not walk, nor eat, but I had money. And it could not help me. Now I live,” he said.

On what “living life” means to him now, he shared, “It is experiencing love and spending time with those who matter. I am intentional with family and friends. I hang out with my wife and children and do movies with friends.”

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti, also recounted the challenging times during his illness, revealing how he used to wear a hat to avoid questions about his health and how he struggled with sitting due to brittle bones.

“We had just left the hospital, so you can imagine how long the days and nights were before this. @thekingkaka could barely sit in that chair for three minutes. His bones were so weak. I don’t know about you, but I know God exists because we felt His love, He touched our hands and we saw His face in His own time. If you’re going through a hard time, hang in there. It will pass. Calm down and the storm will pass. Love you,” she wrote on Instagram.

In January 2022, King Kaka revealed on social media that doctors had given him 30 days to live after being hospitalized for over four months. “X-rays showed I had cavities in my lungs and they gave me 30 days to live. That was four months ago,” he wrote on Instagram.

He also mentioned losing 33 kg in three months due to several misdiagnoses. “I had to relearn how to eat. It was so bad that I would take a spoonful of food and chew it for almost 30 minutes because I felt like throwing up,” he shared.

King Kaka’s journey underscores the vital importance of health over wealth and has led him to embrace a more balanced, intentional approach to life.

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