King Kaka Explains Why Cassidy Isn’t On “Far Away” Video

American rapper Cassidy and our very own King Kaka last week released a new project dubbed “Far Away” that quickly turned out into a huge debate online.

Cassidy wasn’t on the video and Kenyans demanded an explanation. Speaking on Kiss 100, King Kaka, who had been dodging the question since the video was released, shared that a friend’s death was the reason why Cassidy couldn’t make an appearance.

“My song with Cassidy well, he did not show up for the video shoot. We were in LA and it was supposed to be a free video shoot,” said the rapper.

“Cassidy was in Atlanta for a gig and he said he could not miss it. So I had to fly to Atlanta to shoot it. He did not show up after numerous calls but he finally responded with an explanation saying he lost a friend who was shot the night before in Atlanta and so he was mourning at that time.”

Far Away had a lot of hype even before being released as many anticipated to see the two rap giants together on the same beat.

But once Kenyans noticed Cassidy wasn’t on the video, most were quick to assume it was just another promo gimmick from King kaka. Cassidy also posted the song almost two days after it was released.

“When the video came out, KOT [Kenyans on Twitter] did not see Cassidy in the video and so they started saying it was a hoax,’ King Kaka said.

“To make matters worse, they also realized he had not pushed for the song on social media. KOT were so quick to jump on negativity, but on Monday he posted it. “

King Kaka has been pushing his brand outside Kenya lately. He has worked with Romain Virgo and Tracy Morgan this year and has been on several trips abroad that involved meetings after meetings all in hope of propelling his brand further.

In the radio interview, the rapper revealed that he had a checklist that guided him.

“I had a bucket list and so I am working towards it one by one,” said King Kaka.

“When I was doing my album, I approached them all but in no particular order and the best thing is that they are all produced in Kenya.”

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