King Kaka Announces The Coming Of His Second Film ‘Kabati’

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is making strides in the film industry since his debut of web-series release titled ‘Majuto’.

In a recent move, the ‘Dundaing’ hitmaker announced the coming of his second film ‘Kabati’ mentioning that he is yet to select the cast and other contributors who will take up roles in the making of the film.

According to King Kaka who has seemingly taken a special interest and is dedicated to film making projects, his long term plan is to build the film industry through his content.

Expressing his excitement in regard to this project which is underway, Kaka also thanked fans who watched Majuto whose 13 episodes were exclusively distributed on his social media platforms.

“Excited about my 2nd Film ‘Kabati’ For everyone who watched Majuto Asante sana . Building this film industry brick by brick. Tag an actor/ actress. Tag a makeup artiste. Tag a film enthusiast Casting takes place Next Week.” he wrote

The theme of his first film Majuto focused on an educative storyline with teachings against violence and extremism including other vices that youth get caught up in.

In a previous interview, King Kaka described the production process as enlightening and was equally impressed by the message they delivered to their audience.

“The entire production was an eyeopener for me. I am happy to have played a role in educating the youth against violent extremism and its consequences” King Kaka stated

Majuto featured talented acts like Maxwell Simba who is popularly known for his role in Netflix film ‘The boy who harnessed the wind’.

Apart from his budding career in the film industry, King Kaka is also a respectable name in the music industry known for his hit songs  Wajinga Nyinyi, East Kwa Mabeast and others.

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