Kenyan Boy To Star In Italian Big-Budget Movie

03 April of 2019 by

Nassor Said, a standard four pupil at Mamburui Primary School landed a lucrative opportunity after he was selected as the main supporting actor in an Italian big-budget movie that will cost nearly Sh2 billion.

The movie titled ‘Tolo Tolo’ – a comic dram film was shot for over a month in Malindi town and now the crew is in Morocco shooting the second part of the flick.

The movie is being produced by a prominent Italian film production company, Taodue, and is expected to put Malindi and Kilifi county in particular in the limelight as a tourism hub, and to open up more opportunities in the film industry.

Said was spotted by the Italian Director Checco Zalone alongside the
executive producer of the movie in Kenya while he was paying with other children.

Said was among a cast of about 130 artists and crew drawn from Italy and  Kenya. The lad is also credited for the title of the movie ‘Tolo Tolo’, which the director revealed was driven from a statement made by the “young movie star” while swimming at river Sabaki

“The Italian movie star said everyone must dive solo solo, an Italian word that means alone, but the boy shouted ‘Tolo Tolo’, and that is how the title was developed,” said director De Feo.

The film will hit 400 theaters across Italy on 24th December. The money Said makes will help him get educated till university level while his role inspires an entire coastal region to venture into acting.

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