Kikwetu Festival: First Socially Distanced Outdoor Concert Set For Next Month

With the curfew in place and a lot of protocol to be observed during this pandemic period, the event business has struggled as fans and organizers patiently wait for things to normalize.

Kikwetu Festival will try and seal this gap by becoming Kenya’s first socially distanced outdoor concert. The event is scheduled for Carnivore on October 1-4 and will have attendees drive into the venue and enjoy the music either from inside their cars or in private viewing areas that are two meters apart.

According to the organizers, this will be definitely appreciated by artists and fans since it’s a huge step into getting back to the business that has been technically dead for more than half a year now.

“This is the first socially distanced show of its kind and the first to be backed by the government. We are happy to be leading the way and, it’s a huge plus for Kenyan music and the industry at large,” said the event promoter.


Entertainment Journalist