Khaligraph, Tanasha Fill Up First Concert Since Corona Pandemic 

The coronavirus pandemic hit the Kenyan economy hard back in March. Among the industries badly hit was the entertainment and music industry because quarantine measures were put in place that barred artists from earning from concerts and live performances.

Well, that seems to be changing as the first concert in Kenya was officially held in Mombasa over the weekend. The concert which was a celebration of World Tourism Day was held on 27th September at Mama Ngina Waterfront.

Despite measures still in place, Coasterians turned up in the thousands to watch live performances from Khaligraph Jones and Tanasha Donna.

The pictures and videos from the event have made rounds on social media as fans can be seen in swarms singing along to their favourite artists. This was also Tanasha’s biggest performance yet.

“First time ever big stage performance…. Performed for a smaller audience but never this big…. Alhamdulillah… 🙏🏽 Was nervous, but the Mombasa love was amazing!!! & What I said about Mombasa, I meant it!!!! Nawapenda tena SANA. 001 FOR LIFE!” Tanasha wrote on her Instagram page.

The OG had some time back pleaded with the president to open up the country because of artists but his plea fell on deaf ears. He took to social media to thank Governor Jojo for facilitating this concert and for hearing his cries.

“@joho_001 Leo Umefanya Ile kitu, 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wachaneni na OG bana,” wrote Khaligraph.

Here is a link to the happenings of the day:

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