Khaligraph On Plans To Study Law, Odinare Challenge And More

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed he plans to pursue law.

The rapper revealed his plans in a lengthy interview with Ruby V on the Qingship podcast.

“I want to go back to school.”

“I want to go back to school to study law and constitution,” he shared.

The highly acclaimed rapper revealed his high school experience was challenging, from dropping out at form two to returning but not doing well at his KCSE which wouldn’t allow him to go to University.

“Right now the circumstances are conducive and I can enroll myself,” he noted.

Khaligraph On His controversial Meeting With Deputy President

The Champez hitmaker also addressed his controversial meeting with The Deputy President.

“We had conversations concerning very many things and some of the things we talked about came to happen.”

“We highlighted Skiza percentages and there’s an impact from the conversation, artistes percentages are being raised.”

He added that the economy was shortly opened after the meeting and artists were able to perform.

“I think we achieved what we went for and that’s the most important thing.”

Khaligraph however clarified he is not a political guy and having a meeting with the Deputy President was not political in any way.

How Ezekiel Mutua’s Negative Comments Inspired Odinare Challenge

The rapper also shared that former KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua negative comments about artists is what inspired the Odinare challenge.

“These guys most of them we know their bank accounts they have nothing” He quoted Mutua.

“I felt that was uncalled for.”

This prompted the rapper to start the Odinare Challenge and invest Ksh 500,000 of his money “to show that it’s not like I ain’t got nothing.”

Odibets showed their interest and invested Ksh 4.5 M which the rapper says was a welcome surprise.

Khaligraph Revealed he has an upcoming Album in 2022 and is working with Odibets on the project as well.