Khaligraph Jones Takes Rude Boy Back To His Hood

Khaligraph Jones aka Baba Yao was out and about his hood showing his peers and friends where he came from. He was up and about with
Nigeria’s hottest hip-hop stars and an Afrobeat legend, Rudeboy who is part of the legendary Nigerian outfit P Square.

In an effort to create a better insight into who he is, he took Rubeboy to the 1960 streets where Khali hustled and bustled till something gave. New fans might view him as AFRIMMA’s Best Rap and think the glamour must have been his whole life.

Khaligraph Jones not only visited his old school and former place of employment as a Chapati seller but also Big Beats Studio, a tiny studio in a small shipping container that gave Rudeboy an unexpected flashback.

“This takes me way back to my struggle and hustle and makes me think of where I am today,” he explained. Nodding his head and playing out his very first track Khaligraph Jones says: “This place is very special to me as it’s where I laid my foundations as a musician.”

As they joined youth in the streets bumping his tracks and chanting the chorus of Khaligraph’s latest hit, it was hard for Rudeboy to believe that a mere four years ago this was where his new Kenyan friend lived. “I saw where he used to stay, you can tell this guy went through a lot!”

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