Khaligraph Jones Takes Over NRG Playlist For A Day

Rapper Khaligraph will be at the NRG studios in Westlands today. The OG has been given control of the playlist for the entire day and he will playing strictly Kenyan music. The ‘Omollo’ hit maker sparked a heated debate online after he made an offer to take top 10 media personalities to Nigeria to see if they have a fan base in Nigeria as they keep playing a lot of West African content. Rapper Khaligraph posted on Instagram saying:

“It’s come to my understanding that a good number of Kenyans still believe that Kenya doesn’t have good music and that Kenyan artistes need to step up their game and while I can agree that we can always add more effort as far as Kenyan making great music goes, my opinion stands different, I still believe that we have a lot of good music that doesn’t live to see the light of day cause of lack of platforms and attention and so tomorrow NRG radio have allowed me to control their playlist for one day and prove to some of Y’all that Kenyan music is fire, I shall take over their airwaves and blaze that Good Kenyan music all day long.”

Under the #NRGsupportsPlayKe the first show on the station, The NRG Breakfast Club hosted by Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and DJ Kace commenced at 6:00 am with Khaligraph in the studio continuing the conversation on the #PlayKeMusic. NRG radio has come out to state that they support Kenyan content.

This is a revolution that will hopefully get other broadcasters to play more Kenyan music and also challenge Kenyan artistes to produce more good music so as to meet the market demand. Tune into NRG radio to sample Khaligraph’s strictly Kenyan music.

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