Khaligraph Jones Shares Number One Secret To His Sucess

Rapper Khaligraph Jones believes that it’s not by luck that he’s managed to become one of the best rappers in Africa.

While in an interview in Sierra Leone where he’s on tour, Jones revealed that patience is the sole reason he’s grown into an African Hip-hop giant.

“I believe in patience and that is why I am considered great and the best rapper in Kenya so far,” he said.

Jones initially struggled to gain recognition and gain a foothold in the Kenyan music industry, but he persevered and eventually gained a large following.

In his early days, Jones faced many challenges as a young rapper trying to make a name for himself in Kenya’s music industry. He faced skepticism from industry veterans and struggled to find opportunities to perform and record his music. Despite these obstacles, Jones refused to give up on his dream of becoming a successful rapper.

He further said that unlike in the past, he doesn’t care so much about trolls these days.

“I have also learnt to be calm about everything that is said about me online,” he said.

The rapper performed to a packed crowd of thousands in Serra Leone that were hyped throughout the night and sang along to all his songs. He later captioned on social media one of the video performances saying that guys love hip-hop in the country.

“Sierra Leone guys love Hip Hop! I performed ‘Lwanda Magere Legacy’ for the first time and they were rapping along.”

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