Khaligraph Jones Fires Back Following Criticism Over Nipsey Hussle’s Tribute

09 April of 2019 by

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has responded to online criticism following his tribute to slain American rapper and songwriter Nipsey Hussle.

On Sunday, the Khaligraph Jones took to social media to pay respect to Hussle by posting a freestyle. Kenyans, however, had one problem; Why didn’t he do the same for his friend and fellow rapper Kantai after he passed on?

Jones pissed off many with one line in the freestyle in which he compared himself to Nipsey Hussle who was dedicated to transforming his community for the better.

“In many ways we are the same. Some people underestimate the things we do for the game,” rapped Jones.

Kenyans descended on the Kayole rapper stating that he’s just riding on the wave, and that he’s never focused on bringing change like Hussle. Some argued that he even neglected Kantai before his death.

Jone has always listed Kantai as one of his main mentors. In an industry where many avoided rapping in English, Jones connected with Kantai in ways no other local rapper reached him.

He even tried helping him regain his musical footing and fight alcoholism when social media had turned him into a laughing stock, always sharing photos of him looking ashy in dingy alcohol dens.

The two worked on a song and Khaligraph promised more, only to recoil a few months later and share Kantai didn’t want to be helped in his battle with alcoholism and depression.

On Feb 29, 27 at St. Francis Hospital in Kasarani, Kantai was pronounced dead.

Despite Jones contribution, Kenyans still believe he should have done more. Jones, however, in a tweet, said he did his part.

“Those asking About Kantai, I Did Contributions in ways which some will never understand, Plus it’s also not my responsibility” he said.

“We have many Talented rappers in Kenya who were Also influenced by Kantai, He was a Kenyan Rapper not a Khaligraph Rapper, OG ni OG.”

To sum up the backlash, Jones hoped on the FVCK YOU challenge probably to show he isn’t really bothered with what people are saying about him.


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