Khaligraph Jones Details Collabo With Rick Ross

Kenyan rap sensation Khaligraph Jones has exciting news for fans: his highly anticipated collaboration with American rap icon Rick Ross is still on track. Khaligraph shared that Rick Ross’s team reached out to him for the project, highlighting its significance.

“There is a big project coming up. It is a big project and that is why his team reached out to me. I didn’t go looking for them. I was sought after. It is much better that way. At this point in my career, God is allowing things to just flow,” Khaligraph said.

In a message to his supporters, Khaligraph emphasized the importance of unity and making wise decisions. He urged his fans to continue their support while putting aside egos and avoiding actions that could have serious repercussions.

“Keep supporting the OG and let us reduce our egos. Let us not make stupid decisions that will cost us our lives,” he advised.

This announcement comes after a significant setback in March, when Khaligraph’s eagerly awaited Instagram Live session with Rick Ross was unexpectedly canceled.

Khaligraph attributed the cancellation to jealousy and envy from some fans, revealing that his Instagram account had been reported for an unspecified violation, resulting in a three-month shadow ban.

“Today I experienced the most intense highest level of jealousy,” Khaligraph lamented on Instagram.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Khaligraph expressed his disappointment over the incident but also saw it as an opportunity for growth and new possibilities.

“People reported my account and it was shadow banned for three months. I think there is a community of haters who reported my account. There was a time when my page was only visible to people who followed me. My information is not recommended to people. I think it was just haters in the industry. I am a person who trusts God, so when some of these things happen, it becomes a blessing,” Khaligraph said.

Despite the challenges, Khaligraph remains optimistic and focused on the future, with the collaboration with Rick Ross set to be a significant milestone in his career.

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