Khaligraph Jones Closes Out The Year With A Banger

254 Rap ace Khaligraph Jones has had a phenomenal 2017. He has kept his audience entertained with over 5 singles and multiple collaborations which have seen his popularity and fan base skyrocket. He has been on multiple stages performing hit tracks and creating memories and you have to applaud him for that.

To mark the close of 2017, Khaligraph just dropped a single titled ‘Omollo’. Comfortably spitting some sensational bars, he has a rhythmic flow on the trap beat and his storytelling is getting more hilarious by the day.

We caught up with the OG Khaliraph to inquire more about the jam and plans for new year.

K.V: Is this your closing out tune for 2017?

Khaligraph: Yeah I don’t think I’ll release another tune in the remaining days of  the holiday so let the fans enjoy this for now until next year.

K.V: Is this off a project or a one-off jam?

Khaligraph: Not really. it’s not. This is one of those random tracks we vibe in the studio and come up with. A banger or club type of track.  The main project which is an album will drop in 2018 as due to unforeseeable circumstances I could not drop it this year.

K.V: What was the vibe when recording this?

Khaigraph: I was super happy. When you have your own space you stay happy. I got my own studio so I can record whenever I feel like. This jam was never planned, so while in the studio with my producer Aress, we just went off. I have a new tattoo on my neck and guys have been speaking about it, so I made it a subject matter of the song and the response was favorable.

K.V: Who is the OG addressing in Omollo?

Khaligraph: This is a general statement that I am putting up out there. As a rapper and I have peers who rap so I’m telling them to take my cue. So there is no specific person I’m speaking to, just creating a vibe.

K.V: Seems storytelling is the way to go for you in 2018

Khaligraph: Well, I’ve always had that ability to elaborate a story on a track that is something I was blessed with as one of my gifts aside from having a good flow. I find it interesting to do it on a record. Like on this jam, the story is funny and guys gravitated to it and I think 2018 I’ll cover more of those.




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