Khaligraph: I Reach Out To Celebrities Going Through Mental Health Challenges

Rapper Khaligraph Jones understands the importance of mental health. As a result, he has established a mandatory policy to extend support to any celebrity who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

“I make it a point to reach out immediately to any celebrity going through mental health challenges. I had a conversation with Crazy Kenar, and we connected on a deep level,” said Khaligraph Jones in an interview with NairobiNews.

Growing up amidst the crime-infested streets of Kayole, Jones was constantly exposed to a range of frightening situations that no parent would wish upon their children.

However, the father of three harnessed these experiences to his benefit, utilizing them as a catalyst for personal growth and inner strength.

“I grew up in an environment that taught me to be tough as an individual, but I understand that not everyone has had the same upbringing,” he said.

“I have experienced tough times in my own life, but I realized that no one will come to rescue me, even when I’m feeling down. That realization helped me develop a resilient mindset, and I always strive to emerge stronger.”

Crazy Kennar

His revelation comes after Crazy Kennar’s post indicating he was depressed amidst his crew falling apart and some members deserting him.

Surprisingly, his management denied the talented comedian was depressed insisting that his social media post was part of a mental health campaign Kennar was leading.

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