KFCB To Reduce License Fees For Filmmakers

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is working on a framework to reduce license fees for both local and international filmmakers by 30%, Loice Shalakha, the Head of Legal, has revealed.

Due to the high taxes and license fees filmmakers are required to pay, Kenya has been losing significant film projects to other countries, particularly South Africa. The responsibility of registering film agents and ensuring compliance with the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 solely rests with KFCB.

To make filming in Kenya more affordable, KFCB is working on reducing its license fees and collaborating with counties to standardize their rates. This has become an urgent matter, especially with the devolution of culture and arts.

“We are going to reduce our license fee, that is something we have been working on. Our intention is to reduce the current fees by 30%,” said Shalakha in an interview with Nation media while in Naivasha for the conference to discuss the matter.

“We’ve also started working with counties to harmonize their licenses. We know places like Narok where a filmmaker or production company will have to pay close to Sh500,000 just to film. It’s been difficult working with the country to harmonize their rates, but we are putting in as much effort as we possibly can.”

KFCB currently imposes a fee of Sh15,000 for producing a full-length film and Sh5,000 for documentary, commercial television adverts, music videos, short films, and TV series episodes. Additionally, film production companies are charged Sh12,000 for annual registration certificates.

The reduction of license fees is expected to enhance Kenya’s appeal to filmmakers, leading to an increase in the number of productions filmed in the country.

KFCB’s decision is commendable as it will stimulate the growth of the film industry in Kenya, resulting in the creation of more employment opportunities for the local community.

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