Kenya’s ‘Where The River Divides’ Makes Cinema Debut In The US

The eagerly anticipated film “Where The River Divides” celebrated its cinematic premiere in the United States at the esteemed 2nd Sunday Cinema event.

Held monthly, 2nd Sunday Cinema serves as a platform for showcasing the finest award-winning films crafted by local filmmakers hailing from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Set against the backdrop of a gripping true story from 1979, “Where The River Divides” follows the journey of Dennis (portrayed by Gadwill Odhiambo), the son of revered clan elder Okoth (played by Benjamin Onyango).

Returning to his village in Thimlich Ohinga, Migori county in Kenya after his baptism, Dennis finds himself torn between inheriting his father’s legacy and pursuing a newfound purpose, even if it means risking his life.

Director and editor M.D. Neely, hailing from Missouri, graced the screening with his presence.

Reflecting on the film, Neely shared, “For me, ‘Where The River Divides’ delves into the theme of sacrifice. It prompts us to question what we’re willing to sacrifice in pursuit of the divine call upon our lives. Dennis’ journey has not only challenged and inspired me but also underscored the privilege of collaborating with immensely talented and passionate artists from both Kenya and America in narrating this powerful story.”

Beyond its captivating narrative, “Where The River Divides” has garnered significant acclaim, securing an impressive 14 nominations at the prestigious Kalasha Awards.

Furthermore, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, three integral members of the film’s crew received well-deserved nominations at the Women in Film Awards. Lola Kanazi (Best Production Manager), Eddah Wakesho (Best Costume Designer), and Matrid Nyagah (Best Producer) stand as shining examples of the film’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

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