Kenya’s Own Forex Trade Platform

When is comes to incubation and innovations, you have to be proud of Kenyans who create and put out products that can compete in a global market.

Online Forex trading in Kenya is not a new concept and as technology advances, it’s being made easier and accessible to those who crave it. EGM securities is an online non-dealing foreign exchange broker regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya.

As Kenya’s first CMA regulated forex broker, EGM Securities took the initiative to offer a solution that will empower aspiring Kenyans from all walks of life to avail from trading opportunities in a simple, affordable, and safe way; introducing FXPesa.

FXPesa will revolutionize Kenyan Client’s online forex trading experience. Key features of FXPesa include simplified onboarding and web trader application which provides a smooth and efficient client trading experience. In addition, the product will also provide a trading bonus for deposits made to allow clients trade on more than they’ve deposited.

They have have an App for simpler phone trades and a dedicated customer care that tracks all customers using the platform. I believe forex trading is one of the hacks thats should be taught right from High school so that people can make money at home.

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