Magix Enga Previews Upcoming Record With Jamaican Dancehall Star Mavado

Over the years Magix Enga has been famed as one of Africa’s best beat king and he has owned up to this title by working with several artists locally and internationally to produce mad tracks.

In Kenya, he has produced top hits like ‘Dundaing’ Otile’s Mapenzi Hisia and Arrow Bowy’s Digi Digi among other songs that took the airwaves by storm.

The most recent move by the artist which has created a buzz in the music industry is him teaming up with dancehall master Mavado to work on a track.

Taking to his Instastory, Magix Enga shared a snippet of the project they are working on for their upcoming release.

In the song, Mavado celebrates Kenya in the infectious beat, something that guarantees it will be well received by dancehall fans in Kenya and beyond.

This international recognition is not quite new for the producer considering that in previous events, he hinted on receiving word from top American entertainer Dj Khaled.

In 2019, the Dundaing producer revealed through a screenshot of the possibility of working with DJ Khaled although the project is yet to be released.

As indicated in the chat, DJ Khaled said: “We love some good sounds, we appreciate good music. #WeTheBestMusic proudly supports international acts. We would be glad to contribute/support/collaborate in future projects. Keep in touch…@magix_enga.”

Magix Enga replied: “Me and my team would be humbled to work with you. Further proceedings will be communicated soonest!”

Apart from Magix Enga, other artists who have collaborated with Jamaican acts include Willy Paul (with Alaine, Samantha J, and Cecile) Wyre (with Morgan Heritage and Cecile) and most recently, Petra with Vybez Kartel.

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