Kenya’s Fittest Bodies Compete For Ultimate Title

Fitness, for many people is a life altering state: training – pushing your body to its highest limit and reaping the reward in terms of increased strength and physical capability alongside an improved muscle tone and physique drives millions to gyms every single day.

But what about those who take it even further. For those people, fitness is not just a daily routine – it is the full commitment to pursuing excellence in body and mind. Weight lifters, body builders, cross fitters and elite athletes are all striving for perfection.

Enter competitions that seek out the strongest, sturdiest and most physically perfect specimens on earth. Perfection in terms of tonality and visual appeal. Countless hours in the gym coupled with clean eating prepare contestants for the challenge – and a lucky few for victory. At the very top level of body building, the margins are so slim and therefore competitors need to be absolutely focused in their preparation ahead of events such as Mr and Ms Kenya National Bodybuilding Competition.

The winner of this year’s body building competition was Rashid Issa – who managed to step up his game from last year where he placed third. He had been the firm favourite for the title given the gains made over the past 12 months and he was one of the most loved competitors on the day. Aside from the National title, he has also managed wins in Nairobi and Kakamega.

The competition is sponsored by USN and the Fitness for Health Initiative and took place at the National Museums of Kenya over this past weekend. During this year’s event, Paul Mwangale came in second place, while Michael Otieno – last year’s champion, could only manage a third place finish.

Shital Kotak managed only second place in the women’s competition – she was bested by Evelyn Owala.

The fittest bodies are not just determined by how much weight they can lift. Hanif Msalaam was deemed this year’s physique winner, while Farah Esmail and came tops in female physique.

Looks like we might all have a little bit more work to do in the gym!

Images: USN/Kenyan Fortitude (YouTube)

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