Kenya’s Biggest Dance Competition Is Back Ahead Of The Global Battle

Red Bull Dance Your Style, the biggest urban street dance competition in the world, is back in Kenya for its fifth edition. 

The dance competition will once again take to different regions around Kenya to find the best dancers who will battle to become Kenya’s ultimate champ.

Red Bull Dance Your Style

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a fan-favorite competition, where the crowd decides who wins.

The dancers’ creativity, freestyle, and musical skills are put to the test in front of a live audience.

All urban dance styles are welcome except for break dancing– the only rule you can’t break.

The DJ plays unpredictable music, and the dancers will have to adapt, dance their style and impress the crowd, after each battle, spectators hold up blue or red placards to choose a winner, deciding the champion, guaranteeing a place in the world final.

The Global Competition

The ultimate champ at the national finals will represent Kenya in Mumbai, India for the world finals on 9th November.

The winner will win an all-expense paid trip to India for the World Finals.

Dance Your Style Competition 2023 is set to pass through two universities and all major cities

The dance battle will pass through two universities and different Kenyan cities, starting with Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nairobi.

International Red Bull dancer and world champion Stalamuerte from Switzerland, was in Kenya over the past weekend at the official launch of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024 edition.

Speaking after the event Stala said he’s thrilled to be in Africa for the first time.

“Africa is my favorite continent and I am thrilled to be here.

Being my first time in Kenya– I’m feeling like an infant experiencing things for the first time. I’m taking in every moment.” He said, advising dancers to master confidence.

“My advice to Kenyan dancers is to master confidence and trust their art.

Keep doing your thing and don’t care about other people’s opinions.

If you are passionate about what you do, that’s all that matters.” He said.

Stalamuerte gave an interactive dance workshop that was joined by a host of dancers and groups including Art In Motion.

Date Qualifiers

  • Eldoret 13 April
  • Kisumu 27 April
  • Kenyatta University 11 May
  • Mombasa 25 May
  • USIU 15 June
  • Nairobi 29 June
  • National Finals 13 July.

All enthusiasts and lovers of dance–it’s time to show up for your talent or your favorite dancer so check out where the next event is happening and come through with your squad.