Kenyans Win Big At The No Waste Challenge

The No Waste Challenge winners are finally out. This challenge is an initiative by What Design Can Do, an international organization that seeks to maximize the impact of design and creativity on society. The contest which had earlier announced its 85 shortlisted nominees, unveiled the winners at a video ceremony that was attended by the nominees and jury members yesterday.

Kenya and Mexico were second in the number of winners with 3 out of the 16 winners, after the Netherlands, which had 4 winners. Brazil, India, Argentina, UK, Germany, and Japan all had 1 winner each. The Kenyan winners  include:  

Peter GachanjaLeafy Life, an innovative project that involves using benign organic chemicals to turn dirty diapers into fuel and construction materials.

Mary MureithiNyungu Afrika, this project is all about decrease period poverty through biodegradable, low-cost menstrual sanitary products made from pineapple and corn husk waste.

Mshila SioWastewater To Green Parks, a project that turns wastewater into lush greenery using an innovative hydroponic system to host macrophyte plants, which act as a natural filter.

Other winners included Emy Bensdorp (Netherlands), Tejas Sidnal (India), Tiago Schutzer (Brazil), Yasuyuki Fukatsu (Japan), Ricardo Muttio Limas (Mexico), Gerardo Montes de Oca Sierra (Mexico), Andrea Michael De la Peña Aguirre (Mexico), Jennifer Keane (UK), Philine von Düszeln (Germany), Bob Hendrikx (Netherlands), Francois Schockaert (Netherlands), Melina Scioli (Argentina) and Lena Hartog (Netherlands).

“The quality and range of entries we’ve seen in this Challenge is remarkable,” noted Richard van der Laken, the co-founder and creative director of What Design Can Do. The winners provided various solutions ranging from issues such as production process to wasteful value systems.

Congratulations to the winners.

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