Kenyans Reminisce Their 105.5 XFM Memories

The New Instagram Story feature has had some exciting content since being introduced in November last year. The current one trending here in Kenya pays homage to Kenyan radio station 105.5 FM known for playing rock music exclusively. 

Radio Africa Group shut down its lifestyle radio station, XFM in early 2019 and rebranded to Smooth FM; moved to Safaricom Platform Songa.

“XFM used to play rock and alternative music with its target niche being the affluent and aspirational urban audience aged between 18 and 45 years, who are discerning and well versed with leading trends in technology, current affairs, fashion and travel.” Business Daily

Kenyan fans in their 30s or late 20s now who really loved the station 10 years or so ago were sad to see it go off air and this IG trend gave them a chance to remember those days as they listed their fave jams.

The convo however did not stop on Instagram as Twitter users also took the opportunity to weigh in on the station’s impact. As usual, the tweets were hilarious and quite entertaining to read.

  • “Those Xfm stories is the most united I’ve seen Kenyans on Ig” said Omil Jr.
  • “F*** X FM. I won tickets to an event and a cash prize on Fareed’s show alafu wakanighost LMAO. Hio ndio siku nikahamia Waumini Radio and never looked back.” compalined another tweeter user.
  • That 105.5 XFM trend on Instagram is the best thing ever!!! 😍😍 BRING BACK XFM 😭😭😭 Or at least a rock concert, pls! @Nyamburaa
  • Heh you all loved X FM that much?? @SirAlexas

One person shared a Spotify playlist called XFM Heydays, appreciating the platforms ability to enable people to recreate their musical memories.

Worldwide there has been talk of the “death” of genres such as RnB and Rock Music which should be looked into because these genres need to stay alive!

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