Kenyans Reminisce Freshley Mwamburi’s ‘Stella’

May 17th is a significant date in the Kenyan art space and it has been ardently celebrated since 1992. An artist by the name of Freshley Mwamburi put out a timeless record titled ‘Stella’ that is forever etched in our memories. The record is a love/hate story avidly put together – and every year on 17th, May, Kenyans reminisce about this great classic. 

Stella was the girlfriend to Mwamburi who wanted to pursue further studies in Japan. Mwamburi sold his land, car, cattle and belongings to raise money for Stella’s trip to Japan. After 3 years abroad, she was to return to Kenya on May 17 and Mwamburi was antsy at the waiting bay to meet her. His family and friends also accompanied him to the airport. 

Stella stepped out of the plane tightly holding a baby followed by her Japanese lover who stood at 4-foot high. Mwamburi sings of his immediate heartache such that he wished to cry in a different language other than his own. He’d waited for 3 years for the love of his life to return home but all he got in return is tears and heartbreak.

Sample some of the comments by KOT below:

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