Kenyans React To DJ Evolve Dropping Charges Against Babu Owino

News of DJ Evolve withdrawing Murder charges against Babu Owino has been as controversial as the shooting incident in 2020 at B-club.

The news of the withdrawal of the charges came on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2020, and Kenyans did not hold back their opinions.

JacksonKE commented;

“Babu Owino and Dj Evolve incident is the reason you need to wake up every day work hard to get more money.” He wrote.

Rapper Juliani shared his sentiments on the withdrawal of the charges as well;

“We can’t blame poverty story ya Dj Evolve … him and his family understand one thing. Justice is expensive and the poor can’t afford.”

Another Twitter user shared;

“Dj Evolve has withdrawn his case against Babu I guess that’s it… Poverty is a bad thing.”

The majority of the sentiments allude to DJ Evolve’s decision being influenced by his economic situation.

Babu Owino To Buy Apartment For DJ Evolve

Still related to the case Babu Owino has agreed to buy an apartment for the family, pay the medical bills and expenses of the victim.

“As a condition of withdrawal, the MP will purchase an apartment for the victim, which will resolve the issue of house rent, and continue paying the hospital bills of the victim who comes from a humble background,” said Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

Babu Owino To Be Charged For Disorderly Carrying A Firearm

Embakasi East MP still has a case to answer in regards to the second count, where he is charged with behaving in a disorderly manner while carrying a firearm.

The charges can only be withdrawn by the DPP.

The DPP is required by Article 157 of the Constitution to exercise the powers with due regard to the public interest, the interest of the administration of justice, and the need to prevent and avoid abuse of office of the legal process.

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