Kenyans React to the Demise of Budding Musician Cee Nuke

One month into the fresh year and the grim reaper has robbed the music fraternity a budding talent. Family, friends, peers and fans are left with unanswered questions how a young soul can just pass on with no prior signs of ill health.

Charles Lwande AKA Cee Nuke is an alumnus of Sauti Academy. An outfit under Penya Africa that seeks to nurture, inspire and develop vocal talent in Nairobi. Charles was considered an all-around musician. Powerful with freestyle rhymes at Pawa festivals, Hendrix on guitar, a talented singer and many considered him exceptional on songwriting skills.

Messages of condolences to the family and friends filled the social media space and you could tell a talented kid on the block was loved. People who knew him personally especially those that he performed with at the said festivals and his close fans expressed their pain making it so personal.

The cause of death is till not known. He had a casual evening with his brother and friends but he excused himself to sleep in the car. He was taken home but become unresponsive till they reached the hospital. The doctors pronounced him dead after several procedures in St Marys hospital.

Charles was also a member of the Kenya Boys choir (An African traditional contemporary male voice choir). You can gauge his vocal prowess from his Youtube page where he covers songs like Chris Browns ‘Fine China’, Sage ‘Masikini’ or Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake.

Charles’ talent in music was discovered way back in his school years at Uperhill school and JKUAT. the untimely death is a riddle to his industry friends. His dream was to become to biggest R&B act in the 254.

Rest in power Charles


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