Kenyans Raise Over Ksh6 Million in Hours to Cover Hospital Bills of Kenyans Injured During the Anti-finance Bill Demos

In a remarkable display of solidarity and community support, Kenyans have rallied together to raise over Ksh6 million within a few hours to cover the hospital bills of those injured during the recent anti-Finance Bill demonstrations.

The initiative, driven by a collective outpouring of empathy and a shared sense of responsibility, aims to reach a target of Ksh10 million.

A Nation Unites

The protests, which erupted in response to the controversial Finance Bill, saw numerous individuals sustaining injuries as they clashed with law enforcement.

Amid the chaos, the urgent need for medical assistance and financial support for the injured became apparent. In response, concerned citizens launched a fundraising campaign, leveraging social media platforms to mobilize resources swiftly.

The Fundraising Campaign

The campaign gained traction almost immediately, with donations pouring in from all corners of the country.

One of the campaign organizers, Hanifa, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support.

“We’re over 6 million in our mchanga Omg. We don’t want any politician in this, we will help everyone that needs help,” she wrote.

To offer your support, use paybill: 891300 and account: INJURED.

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