Kenyans Pay Tribute To The Legendary Orie Rogo Manduli

On Wednesday evening, Kenyans took to social media to celebrate the life of the legendary Orie Rogo Manduli.

Orie Rogo Manduli Dies at her Nairobi Home

According to the family, Manduli died at her Riverside home in Nairobi on Wednesday.

She died at the age of 73 years.

First African woman to participate in East African Safari Rally

Manduli, was famously known for her flamboyant African themed style, with the signature head scarfs.

She served at the National Council of Non-Governmental Organisations, International Council of Women’s Council representative to the United Nations Environment Programme and Habitat.

The former Miss World Kenya, politician and TV personality was the first Kenyan woman to participate in the East African Safari rally in 1974 and 1975.

“The safari was hectic, it was beautiful, the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was the driver, I am always the driver. It’s just that I’m always the driver in any situation. We did not finish but managed two legs,” she previously told the Nation.

Kenyans Celebrate the life of the late Orie Rogo Manduli

Kenyans took to Social media to celebrate the life of the late Ms. Manduli.

Media personality Carol Radul tweeted; “She was a Queen! From miss Kenya to Kenya’s first female Rally driver. Rest in Peace Orie Rogo Manduli.”

Politician Millicent Omanga tweeted, “Orie Rogo Manduli is one of the Kenyan women trailblazers on whose shoulders we stand on. Her demise is definitely a huge loss to all of us, buf her rich legacy; one that spans decades and glitters with successes of women she mentored and inspired, endures.”

And Dickens Olewe shared; “She lived in full colour. RIP Orie Rogo Manduli.”

Manduli will be remembered as person of many firsts.

She is survived by three daughters, Elizabeth, Allison and Janice.