Kenyans Help Keep Radio 254 Alive

Radio 254 a platform and nonprofit organization showcasing KENYAN musicians and creatives to the world is known for playing 100% KENYAN music & content 24/7. The station also has shows that discuss the music business in the county as well as address topics such as mental health wellness. “From April 2021 to December 2022, we managed to interview over 1000 Kenyan artists & creatives. We hope to open up again soon and continue doing what we love.”

Radio 254’s Twitter is one of their top platforms that they use to share their shows as well as connect to their audiences.

Recently, the station shared a video of their empty studios and let their listeners know that they may be forced to stop broadcasting.

Moments later, they gave financial constraints as the reason they were considering closing shop but some Kenyans on Twitter were eager to give them solutions such as alternative studio space or even offering donations.

Some artists were open enough to let everyone know that this is one Radio station that repsonds to their cold emails and actually has their music on rotation.

This led to the people behind Radio 254 reconsidering their decision and reaching out to the public to help keep the station alive.

Here’s details on the appeal:

“We need your help, any help. Money, retweets, prayers, space, advertising, tuning in. Whatever you can give or afford, we will truly appreciate it. Please help us stay alive, we are literally the only radio station playing 100% Kenyan music in the world. #keepradio254alive “

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Independent platforms such as Radio 254 make a big difference to many creatives. We wish them all the best.

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