Kenyans Congratulate Singer Gilad Millo On Acquiring Kenyan Citizenship

After applying for Kenyan citizenship six years ago, Gilad Millo is officially a Kenyan Citizen.

The singer took to social media to share the news;

“It has been 21 years since I first came to Kenya, and Six years since I applied for my Kenyan Citizenship,” he wrote

“Now it is official. NAJIVUNIA KUA MKENYA.”

Joy Doreen Biira, Mzazi Willy Tuva, Boniface Mwangi Congratulate Gilad On Kenyan Citizenship

Kenyans congratulated the singer on his citizenship;

Instagram user Khanah responded to the news, “Oh wow! Congratulations Gilad Millo, we are honoured to have you as a fellow citizen.”

Ugandan journalist, Joy Doreen Biira also shared she is on the same journey;

“Yaassss coming right behind,” she wrote.

Mzazi Willy Tuva shared;
“So proud of you my Kenyan brother.”

Activist and Author Boniface Mwangi congratulated him too.

About Gilad Millo

Gilad Millo has had success in the Kenyan music scene, releasing songs including ‘Sema’ Featuring Wendy Kimani and ‘Sema Milele’ among other tracks that have gotten millions of views.

The Israeli native is an ex-diplomat.

The 50 year old first came to Kenya as a deputy head of mission at the Israel Embassy in Kenya.

“The connection with Kenya was instant,” Millo said in an interview back in 2015, “I’ve never encountered a more open, generous people,” he added.