Kenyan Women Trailblazers Feted By The Zuri Awards

The Zuri Awards mean that someone, somewhere recognizes good will and therefore gives me the courage to do more…” – Winfred Mukonzi Buya

Many women in Kenya and by extension, Africa, are living lives that are not equal to what they put in. Women are working twice as long, for unequal pay and for unequal recognition.

Technology is helping to change this and in Kenya, working to level the playing field.

Go Gaga Experiential has been running an online nomination campaign that is looking to recognize specific women or organizations targeted to women that are helping to change communities for the better, and allow women more opportunities for progress within them.

The Zuri Awards are intended to celebrate those unsung heroes among us – who are genuinely working to bring change and ultimately bring about equity as we steer ourselves towards the next phase of development – sustainable development.

And technology is a big part of it: how do we steer technology and engage with women – empowering them to develop with the wider community?

The nominees include:

Mukuhi Karimi of Blessings Hair and Beauty College

Chao Mbogo of the Kenya Methodist University

Suhalia Aboud of the UN Population Fund’s Humanitarian and Context Branch

It’s great to see Kenyan women who are excelling in their fields, being recognized for what they have fought so hard for.

We must strive towards empowering women to participate in improving their communities; to help in the building of strong, durable economies, to help achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and to improve the quality of life for their families.

Greenbiz recently tried to answer the question: “How Does She Do It All?”

“Working women continue to carry a disproportionate burden in comparison to men because, more often, they are responsible for both their jobs and being the primary family caregivers. However, the technology sector can play a significant role in empowering women both in the workplace and at home — and businesses stand to benefit if these efforts are pursued strategically…”

The Zuri Awards 2017 will take place next month.

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