Kenyan TV prepares to go digital

As Kenya prepares to migrate from analogue to digital television broadcasting by 31 December, the question of local quality content and whether Kenya will meet that deadline still remains in question.

Francis Wangusi, director general of the Communication Authority of Kenya, says despite delays he is certain they will meet the deadline.

“Of course I do not completely overlook the fact that there could also be others that would want to come in our way to stop us from progressing. But nothing is stopping us from progressing right now as we are prepared to kick off the awareness campaign any time.”

Wangusi says the country has put money aside and taken steps to educate the public on the digital migration and its importance.

Kenya is optimistic of beating the June 2015 digital migration deadline despite the delays caused by disputes over distribution licences, set-top boxes and awareness.

“In collaboration with the vendors of set-top boxes we know that much of the message has been able to sink but in this particular one we are beginning to roll out an awareness campaign in a number of phases maybe using media as one of the platforms.”

The migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting was a decision made at the Regional Radio Conference (RRC-06) of 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland. The initiative, by government, states that countries in the (RRC) need to migrate to digital by 17 June 2015.

We’re filing this under “Things we’re monitoring VERY closely” and will keep you posted.

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