Kenyan Trend ‘Wamlambez’ Catching On Worldwide

31 July of 2019 by

Who’d have thought that certain catchphrases from the 254 might ripple world in this day and age? The Kenyan music scene is enjoying unequivocal attention right from its hub to international borders.

The colossal anthem of the moment is a joint called ‘Wamlambez’ by a new group called Sailors. The jam has transcended county borders, race, gender, creed and international waters.

Celebrities abroad are jumping on the ‘Wamlambez’ catchphrase and it is very interesting to see it build up.

Starting off with Christina Milan who linked up with some East Africans and she posted on Instagram learning the catchphrase.

American singer, actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is on record as well trying to understand what the phrase means.

On a hilarious twist of events, someone shouted Wamlambez as former British Prime Minister Theresa May exited 10 Downing street to tender her resignation.

Now, the revolution is being televised and we are here for it. Kenya to the world.


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