Kenyan Songs to Dedicate to Your Mum this Mother’s Day

They say that a mother’s love is one of the purest forms of love on earth. Mother’s Day is here once again and not even Corona will stop us from celebrating our amazing mothers. Their dedication and unconditional love cannot be overemphasized. Whether your mum is near or far, below are some songs to dedicate to her or slot in your playlist on this Mother’s Day:

  • Mama – King Kaka Ft Third Hand Music

King Kaka dedicated this song to his mother on her birthday. Featuring the very talented group Third Hand Music, the Ligi Soo rapper delivered certified bars on the verses while singing praises to his mother, for working so hard to raise him and his siblings despite the financial challenges that they faced at the time.

  • Mama – Dela

This song is unique as Dela has done it in 4 different languages i.e. Kisii, Swahili, French and Yoruba. This special song was written for all the mothers to appreciate them for their unconditional love. Dela’s powerful vocals will definitely be one of the best dedications for your mama.

  • Mama – Arrow Boy

Off his latest album Hatua, that was dropped last year, Arrow boys sings about how he plans to spoil his mother to compensate her for all the sacrifices she made when raising him. The tempo to the beats in this track will surely have you on the dance floor. Wanna have a dance with mama? This is definitely the track.

  • Mama – Bahati

There is no doubt that this song played a huge role in the rise of Bahati in the music industry. Despite the criticism he got for his style in this song, it remains to be one of the best and most popular songs to be ever dedicated to a mother by Kenyan singer.

  • Mama Shengera – Akothee

Akothee dedicated this track to all mothers and women taking care of children in the world. The catchy Afrobeat will get any African mother up on her feet dancing with joy.

  • Mamangu – Willy Paul

This is one of the tracks that earned Willy Paul a legion of loyal fans. In the song that was dedicated to his ailing mother, the singer encouraged his mother to hold on despite the sickness while desperately begging her to not give up.

  • Guardian Angel – Syd Ft Wyre

This track was dedicated to single mothers. It highlights the struggles that single mothers go through when providing for the emotional and financial needs of their children.

  • Mama – Guardian Angel

This song is the perfect way to reminisce the struggles that you went through with your mother. Guardian Angel conveys the emotion aptly in this song while praising his mother for raising him well and apologizes for the times that he was difficult and stubborn.


Mama – Octopizzo

This is a special one for the Hip Hop heads. Despite the heavy emotion in the song, Octopizzo manages to deliver a special message to his dead mother and tell a life story of the struggles he went through after losing his parents. This one is for all those who lost their mothers. May they rest with the angels.

There is a song for every mother on this playlist. So whether your mother is alive or deceased, remember her on this special day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

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