Kenyan Reggae Artistes Who Deserve A Slot In Your Reggae Playlist

Kenyans love Reggae Music. After all, the genre is all about positive vibrations. One of the most well-attended concerts in Kenya are those dedicated to Reggae Music.

Necessary Noize is one of the most popular Reggae music duos to have ever existed in Kenya. Comprised of Wyre and Nazizi, this duo rocked Kenya in the 2000s with songs such as Bless Ma Room and Kenyan Girl Kenyan Boy among others.

Over the years, there has been a demand for more Kenyan Reggae musicians and while some people may argue that the supply is short, below are some Reggae singers who definitely deserve a slot in your favourite Reggae Music playlist:

Cathy Matete

This singer, songwriter, voice-over artist and blogger has smooth vocals that are to die for. She is also a Kalasha Award winner and was recently nominated at the Sondeka Awards under the Experimental Music Category. Some of her songs include: No Retreat, Wine Fi You and Satisfy My Soul


He has been in the game for a while now. His song Fire released in 2007 was a hit and one of the most well-produced love songs by a Kenyan Reggae artiste. His repertoire as an artist and a music producer speaks for itself. He has collaborated with other Kenyan stars such as Sage and Gravitti Band among others.

Dr. Mumbi Seraki

She is a musician, radio host and has a PHD in Women Studies. Her unique vocals set and African woman pride set her apart from the rest. Some of her songs include: Nchi Yetu Kenya and Immanuel.

Gravitti Band

This is one of the most sought after Reggae bands in Kenya. Their inter-genre collaborations with other artistes such as Nameless and Sage have earned them fans across genres. Their catalogue boasts of both original tracks and covers.


This singer is popular for his song Those Days in Nairobi that hit the airwaves in 2013. He has also done collaborations with other artistes such as Voices of South Sudan and through this, he has earned fans in Kenya and abroad. His other songs include Jere Jere and Nobody among others.

Cara Feral

She has a voice that was designed for the Reggae beat. She is also an activist and brand influencer. Some of her songs include Over and Over, Kazi Ni Kazi and Born To Win.

Nubian Flame

This Reggae singer is an impeccable live performer with a unique vocal range. His songs include Nipe Nafasi, Declare, Prove You Wrong and Too Late among others.


The sassy singer has Reggae Music at heart. Her smooth voice was definitely cut for this genre. She recently bagged a nomination in the Sondeka Awards under the Live Music Category. Some of her songs include Jeshi, Emergency and Never Run Away.

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