Kenyan Pride At WRC

The recent Safari Rally held in Naivasha, Kenya, was indeed filled with displays of skill, determination and passion for motorsports.

Among the racers on the track was Akif Virani, a Kenyan talent who marked his name in stone after coming up at number 5 in the 2021 WRC.

Speeding in his vibrant yellow sports car through marram terrains, Virani demonstrated his prowess to fellow competitors and WRC fans alike.

Regardless of the skill some racers displayed on the track, Toyota remains the undisputed king of Kenya with a respective 1-2-3-4 finish.

The Safari Rally drew some of the best drivers from around the world, creating such a competitive atmosphere.

Akif Virani still remained unbothered by the presence of big time racers and held his own with his signature precision driving and jaw dropping risk-taking.

As a local hero, Akif was showered with overwhelming support from passionate Kenyan rally fans. Crowds stationed at the rally stages, waving Kenyan flags and cheering for their favorite driver.

Virani’s performance ignited a sense of pride and prestige among the fans who left the venue, Hell’s Gate, pumped for the next WRC.

K.O.T Reacts

Kenyans on social media had mixed reactions when it came to the competitive nature of motorsports but they all seemed to agree on one thing, patriotism.

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